Maya Siepel Fiberart

Art, Technic and Presentation

Maya Siepel

This site represents my work, varying from art to traditional fabrics. Weaving has been my passion since the seventies; subsequently the paper making and processing the paper in art work was added. What fascinates me most in weaving is the abundancy in possibilities in techniques and materials. I love the challenge to experiment with the limitations of the loom, being fixed to warp and woof. In this experiment I love to use out-of-the-ordinary materials you wouldn’t expect in weavings, like paper, copper- and silver wire, bamboo, horsehair, etc

Self-producing the paper pulp, scooping the paper and sculpting paper objects or integrating it into my fabrics challenges me to come to new forms of art. I find my inspiration in the travels I made or from within an involvement I feel with matters that are close at heart.

Please contact me if you are interested in my work or if you would like to have something specifically designed. You can find me by phone, email, or through the contactpage.